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I’ve thought for some time that in the current fiction marketplace, we have a shortage of good, well-crafted science fiction that comes from a Christian worldview. I’m not talking about overt references to the Christian faith, just an overall worldview. I consider one of the paragons in this arena to […]

Jupiter Winds a Rare Find in SciFi

The countdown continues until the release of Brandon’s Sanderson‘s new epic book, Words of Radiance, Book 2 in the Stormlight Archive series. Tor, the publisher, is keeping us in suspense by doling out little treats here and there to make sure we’re not going to forget. Yeah, as if. If, like […]

Words of Radiance Wallpaper

Want to know what’s better than 3-part harmony? The answer is: Steampunk 3-part harmony. Enter Steam Powered Giraffe. This band describes themselves as a combination of steampunk and futurism combined with mime and music. Yes, they are unusual, but most importantly, these guys are very talented musicians! And entertaining. That always […]

For Your Listening Pleasure: Steam Powered Giraffe