B. Sanderson’s “The Way of Kings” Released

Today’s the day Brandon Sanderson’s new book, The Way of Kings, hits the shelves. I just got the advanced reading copy so I’m reading it now. I’ll post a review when I finish. Meanwhile, the publisher, Tor, has posted an article by Sanderson, in which he talks about his early days as a writer and how The Way of Kings came about.

My favorite quote is in regard to the first book he had ever written:

The book was terrible. It was essentially a hybrid of Tad Williams and Dragonlance, though at the time I felt it was totally new and original. It did have a wizard who threw fireballs with smiley faces on the front, though, so that’s kind of cool.

If his first book was that bad, maybe there’s hope for us aspiring authors yet. 🙂

The Tor article can be found here: Brandon Sanderson Talks About The Way of Kings

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Happy reading!

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