Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Links of the Week

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend. Here’s my little celebration of the coming weekend — my favorite links I came across this week. Enjoy!

  • Giveaway: Every month until the January 8, 2013 release of A Memory of Light (Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson), Tor will be offering a chance to win a copy of The Eye of the World, the book that kicked off The Wheel of Time series. The current contest ends June 22, 2012.

Here’s a fun little video clip. A radio station in the U.K. asked Thor (Actor Chris Hemsworth) to participate in a little thing they do from time to time, bringing the listeners some kind of bad news. Here is Chris’ impromptu response. (The site where I found this clip also put up a couple of pictures from the Avengers’ movie set with unique captions worth mentioning.

Have a great weekend!

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