Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Links of the Week

It’s Friday — and kind of a crazy one at that. But never fear. I didn’t forget today’s post. That said, let’s see what my file holds for today. Hm…looks like lots of giveaways.

  • Giveaway: First off we have a weekly drawing to celebrate author Robert Liparulo’s new website. Every week during March, five people who sign his guestbook will be chosen to win such prizes as signed and personalized copies of Robert’s books and audiobooks, as well as signed books by Ted Dekker, Tosca Lee, Steven James, Eric Wilson, Ronie Kendig and others. To enter, visit the website HERE, click on the thrillers (left hand side of the page), and then the guestbook link.
  • How many times have you wished you had a device that could make people stop talking? Well, it appears your dream just might come true. Japanese researchers have invented a speech-jamming gun that forces people into silence mid-sentence. Painlessly, I might add. Wouldn’t want to get carried away now, would we?
  • Giveaway: Two copies of Shadow’s Son (Shadow Saga, #1) by Jon Sprunk will be given away via Goodreads. Deadline is March 18.
  • Giveaway: Five copies of The Serpent Sea (Books of the Reksura #2) by Martha Wells are up for grabs. Deadline is April 9, 2012.
  • BIG Giveaway: Sign up for the Tor/Forge newsletter and you’ll be entered for a shot at their Spring Fantasy Collection Sweepstakes — a collection of eight bestselling fantasy novels. Deadline is April 6.
  • Are you a Jurassic Park fan? Check this out — a behind-the-scenes look (including 13 short YouTube videos) at the dinosaur puppets used in the movies.
  • Giveaway: Tor wants to giveaway 10 copies of Gift of Fire by Walter Mosley. Deadline is April 6, 2012.
  • Free Star Wars e-books: For some time, Random House has been releasing on its website Lost Tribe of the Sith novelettes. The final installment (Part 8 ) has now been released. You can get all 8 e-books here.
  • Need some new short SFF/Speculative fiction to read? regularly posts links to such. You can find them here.
  • Have you heard about the new John Carter movie opening in theaters tonight? Maybe you know all about John Carter or maybe (like me, he he…) you might have heard of the character but can’t remember where he came from. It just so happens that the guy is 100 years old this year. He was created by Edgar Rice Burroughs (you might know him as the guy who wrote the Tarzan books) and first released in a serialized form in 1912. You can pick up most of the original John Carter of Mars books for free (e-books, that is) from your favorite e-book retailer/source. If you want to know about the new Disney movie, click here. You can see a free 10-minute clip of the movie here. And, you know, he’s not bad looking for an old guy. Of course, then again, the leading lady isn’t bad either. Funny how that works. Image downloads available here, which includes a larger version of the one shown here.

Ok, stepping away from my teacher’s lectern now. If I missed any good links, let me know. I’d also be curious to know what you think of the John Carter movie if you’ve seen it. Just leave a note via the blue link below or if you’re on the web page, you can click on the gray comment bubble at the top of this post.

You guys have a great weekend.

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