B&N’s E-Book Store, Take 2

I am a big David Pogue fan. For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, he is a technology guru on staff with the New York Times. And, yes, there is a little geek down inside of me that likes to look at the high-tech “pretty toys.” But probably the bigger reason why I follow David Pogue is because he’s funny. He always writes an entertaining column so I usually read it, even if I’m not all that interested in the technology being discussed. As such, it’s always a fun bonus when he writes about some kind of technology I am watching. Enter Barnes & Noble.

A few days ago, I posted B&N’s announcement that they had launched their e-book store. However, there’s no way I can compete with David Pogue’s comprehensive review. So I’m posting here a link to Pogue’s column that came out in today’s NY Times. Don’t miss the related video on the bottom left of the page. Pogue’s videos are a real treat. Here’s the blurb and the link. (You might need to register with the NY Times to read the article, but don’t worry, it’s free.)

Pogue'sPostsNew Entry in E-Books Is a Paper Tiger
By DAVID POGUE, Aug. 6, 2009
Barnes & Noble’s e-book store has a lot of promise, but is saddled with filler, missing some top books and has some awkward details.

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