Book-of-the-Year Award for The Restorer’s Journey 2

restjrnyI’m so excited to report that The Restorer’s Journey won 2009 Book of the Year for Speculative Fiction at the annual conference of the American Christian Fiction Writer’s annual conference last week. The Restorer’s Journey is Book 3  in the Sword of Lyric trilogy written by Sharon Hinck.

Book 1, The Restorer, starts with a depressed soccer mom, Susan, who somehow is pulled into a parallel world (Lyric) where she is identified as a Restorer tasked with bringing heathens and warring territories “back to the Verses.” The universe Sharon built relies on some forms of advanced technology while weapons of war are deliberately kept simple by the inhabitants in order to not break their religious ethics.

Book 2, The Restorer’s Son, finds Susan and her husband (Mark) desperately searching for their son, Jake, who has somehow found his way into Lyric and Hazor and become embroiled in a maze of assassins and political intrigue. Meanwhile, Kieran flees from the One and the calling placed on him, only to find that he can’t hide. He journeys to Sidian, a nation torn by darkness, where he learns the One demands all, maybe even his life.

In Book 3, The Restorer’s Journey, Susan and Jake once again find themselves drawn through a portal back into the land of the People of the Verses, where Susan struggles to love her captors and Jake tries to endure a vicious betrayal and find his own destiny.

The Sword of Lyric series has become one of my favorites of all time. I can only hope that more Christian book publishers will be willing to step further into the world of speculative fiction.

Meanwhile, I want to offer my sincere congratulations to Sharon Hinck. I have met Sharon and I must say that the award couldn’t have gone to a nicer person. Good job, Sharon!

For more information on the author, visit her website:

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