I’m so excited this week to work on my first book launch. My debut book, Angel Songs, went live on November 1. The book has 20 Christmas short stories and poems, as well as a few recipes inspired by three of the stories. It’s been quite a journey putting this together […]

My First Book Launch! Angel Songs, 20 Christmas Short Stories ...

When you think of fantasy fiction, what comes to mind? The first place my mind goes is down the list of my favorite authors and books such as Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, pretty much anything by Brandon Sanderson, Stephen Lawhead’s Paradise Wars books, Sharon Hinck’s Sword of Lyric trilogy, R.A. Salvatore’s […]

The True Spirit of Fantasy Fiction

So often in fantasy fiction we see a hero involved in a quest, a quest that will fulfill their destiny to accomplish whatever it is they are supposed to accomplish. (Ah! The power of an author!) This quest becomes their guiding light, something that pushes them on. They can’t rest […]

Destiny and Dreams