Growing up I could often be found with a book in my hand, lost somewhere in another world of mystery, adventure — oh, and it probably had horses involved somewhere. But then came college and a new career and somehow books got pushed out of my life, left behind in […]

December Writing Challenge #9: Something You’re Reading

Author’s Note: This piece has been edited and now appears in “Angel Songs, 20 Christmas Short Stories and Poems, plus Recipes” by Dona Watson. Click here for more info. Yesterday, I announced I have accepted a challenge to write something on a select topic every day during the month of December. […]

December Writing Challenge: Joyous

It’s amazing what happens late at night when I can’t sleep. Maybe it was a combination of the morning’s coffee and the late-afternoon triple latte, following by iced tea at dinner, but last night my brain decided to create haiku instead of sleeping. In a moment of transparency, I decided […]

Late-Night Sci-Fi/Fantasy Haiku