This week marks my blog’s fourth anniversary. When I opened the website, my goals were to share all things wonderful about speculative, fantasy and science fiction — a mission I still hold to. At the same time, keeping this blog has presented me with an opportunity for growth, for realigning […]

Flash Fiction: Big Story, Small Space — or The Billionaire ...

Anne Rice. When people hear her name, many immediately think of her wildly successful vampire books–books that have inspired films, television adaptations, live theater performance, comics, fan fiction and even music. We’re talking sales of 100 million books worldwide. Now that’s an audience! What some don’t know is that in […]

Anne Rice: Surrender to Love

This year’s winners in the quarterly/annual Writers and Illustrators of the Future contest were announced yesterday. As always, the winners come from around the world and are awarded cash prizes, free travel and accommodations to the annual awards presentation, week-long professional workshop and guaranteed publication in an annual anthology. Grand […]

Writers and Illustrators of the Future: Winners Announced for 2009