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I’m getting this post up a couple of days later than I wanted to, but this is too important to omit. Marcher Lord Press (MLP) is getting ready to release its 2011 list and it looks like a good one.

First off, Kathy Tyers’ Firebird trilogy is being re-released by MLP after a long hiatus of being off the market. I have the old omnibus, but am seriously considering trying to get my hands on the new annotated volume. That’s right, kiddies! The new version is completely annotated by Kathy Tyers herself. The sci-fi geek in me is trembling in excitement. 🙂 Check out the cover. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Second on the list is From Darkness Won, the final book in Jill Williamson’s “Blood of Kings” trilogy. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this one too. I thoroughly enjoyed Book 1 (By Darkness Hid) and Book 2 (To Darkness Fled).

The third MLP book being released this year is Mitchell Bonds’ Hero in Hiding, which is the sequel to Hero, Second Class, a charming, tongue-in-cheek fantasy. As I stated in my review way back in October 2009, Hero, Second Class reminded me of a cross between The Princess Bride and a Monty Python skit. Corny puns galore!

Ok, there. I’ve said it. Just gotta spread a little love around for one of my favorite publishers of Christian speculative, fantasy and sci-fi fiction. If you want more info, here’s a link to the web site:

Marcher Lord Press:

Release date for these three new MLP books is slated for sometime in April.

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4 thoughts on “Check Out Marcher Lord Press’s New List!

  • Jessica Thomas

    Nice looking blog! (And I mean it, I’m not spam.) I continue to be amazed by how many people there are online who are interested in Christian speculative fiction. I was thinking the other night how great a job Jeff is doing with Marcher Lord Press. Maybe the big publishers will take note and start to become more open to scifi. It seems they are opening up to fantasy and supernatural, but alas, I prefer scifi!

    You have a nice blogroll. I will peruse it when I have time. (Oh and I clicked over from Kristen Lamb’s blog. Good to “meet” you!)

    • admin

      Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment.

      It’s really an exciting time to be in this genre. So much potential and I think it’s starting to pick up speed. Christian spec fans, unite! 🙂