Chrysanthe by Yves Meynard: Giveaway

Today I want to give you a link to a giveaway of one copy of Yves Meynard‘s fantasy novel Chrysanthe, courtesy of bastardbooks. I haven’t read the book, but have heard good things about it. Usually I list giveaways in my Friday mash-ups but I want to pass this one along to you early as the deadline is fast approaching — this Sat., April 14, 2012. Here’s the link. If you want to more about the book, here’s the synopsis:

Christine, the princess and heir to the real world of Chrysanthe, is kidnapped as a small child by a powerful magician and exiled in a Made World that is a version of our present reality. In exile, supervised by her strict “uncle” (actually a wizard in disguise), she undergoes bogus memory recovery therapy, through which she is forced to remember childhood rape and abuse by her parents and others. She is terribly stunted emotionally by this terrifying plot, but at seventeen discovers it is all a lie. Christine escapes with a rescuer, Sir Quentin, a knight from Chrysanthe, in a thrilling chase across realities.

Once home, the magical standoff caused by her exile is broken, and a war begins, in spite of the best efforts of her father, the king, and his wizard, Melogian. And that war, which takes up nearly the last third of the work, is a marvel of magical invention and terror, a battle between good and evil forces that resounds with echoes of the great battles of fantasy literature.

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