Clive Staples Award for Christian Spec Fic

As some of you might know, the market for Christian speculative fiction has been, well, shall we say limited. It’s a tough sale. However, the authors in this genre are a pretty tight-knit group. In an effort to increase visibility of Christian speculative fiction and to recognize those authors in this genre who have recently been published, Rebecca Miller (bless her heart) has headed up the effort to create an awards competition. Who else would be best to memorialize with this award than C.S. (Clive Staples) Lewis?

Here’s the good part. The award is reader’s choice. To be eligible to vote, you need to have read at least one of the nominated books and you need to leave an email address to validate your vote. We’re going on the honor system, so let’s keep this honest, folks. No ballot box stuffing, ok? You have until the end of November to vote.

To see a list of the nominees and to place your vote, visit the web site:

And if you look over the list of nominees and haven’t read any of the books there, why don’t you pick out one or more and get busy? πŸ™‚

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