December Writing Challenge, #10: Wrapping Paper 2

Author’s Note: This piece has been edited and now appears in “Angel Songs, 20 Christmas Short Stories and Poems, plus Recipes” by Dona Watson. Click here for more info.

With a topic like wrapping paper, this is one of those days I wish had committed to do a photography contest instead of a writing challenge. Writing something creative about wrapping paper seemed a bit daunting. But I will not abandon my post! Must march on!

And so after much thought, I decided that this topic could best be handled with free-verse poetry. (I say free-verse so you won’t hold my imperfect meter against me.) <grin> I hope you enjoy it.

The Joys of Wrapping Paper

Brightly colored wrapping paper
Covers boxes big and small,
Some clever little packages
that aren’t quite square at all.

Pretty pictures cover some
Others, light and playful scenes
Yet others peaceful, calm,
With angels breaking out in song.

Through images or words,
They speak of Jesus’ birth
They show the miracle
Of God come to us on Earth.

But under all the paper,
We wonder what’s inside?
Candy, toys, gadgets, clothes?
Or a humble gift to prize?

At the end of Christmas day,
When all the paper’s ripped and torn,
I hope the joy the paper brought,
Into your heart’s been born.

My wish for you:
May Christmas find you happy and whole,
With family and ones you hold dear.

This poem is part of a Writing Challenge I have undertaken to write something every day in the month of December on a pre-selected list of topics. Photographer Jacqueline Ashford is keeping pace with me on the same list of topics, her with a camera and me with a keyboard. You can see Jacqueline’s gorgeous photos here. We’re having way too much fun with this mutual challenge. (You can see the list of topics here.)

Tomorrow’s Topic: Green

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2 thoughts on “December Writing Challenge, #10: Wrapping Paper

  • Beverly Nault

    Maybe you wish you were taking the pictures, but I’m glad you are writing these. What a great poem! i’m having so much fun reading them, and now I find myself looking forward to every one, wondering what fun and magic you’ve come up with. Can you continue doing this all year?

    • admin

      Thanks for making me smile!! I’m having a lot of fun (as I may have said once or twice-haha!), but it’s kind of like NaNoWriMo. It’s definitely not a pace I could keep up all year! I can keep ’em coming, but maybe not every day. 🙂