December Writing Challenge #9: Something You’re Reading

Growing up I could often be found with a book in my hand, lost somewhere in another world of mystery, adventure — oh, and it probably had horses involved somewhere.

But then came college and a new career and somehow books got pushed out of my life, left behind in favor of other things. Life trotted happily along, I got married and had two beautiful children. Then a neighbor of mine asked, “Have you been reading the Left Behind books? Here, I’ll loan you mine.”

And with that books were back in my life — with a vengeance. I consumed one book after another, traded books with my sister (no small feat as we had to ship them cross-country), haunted sales tables and libraries. And then I started finding books I wanted to read but didn’t have time to. “But someday I will.” And so they would go into The Stack. I think to-be-read stacks must be related to rabbits — because they breed. A lot.

Now I’ve lost track as to how many treasured books are in those stacks. They lurk in every corner of my house, waiting to entertain and enrich my life. I even came across a helpful article listing various useful ways huge epic fantasy books can be incorporated into your daily life. They can be used as doorstops, to replace a missing leg on the coffee table, and they make a lovely booster seat for small children at the dinner table.

And I’ve even found a whole subculture of people with the same issues joy that I have.

Books have become my friends once more. And I’ve promised them I’ll never leave them behind again.

“Books”, a haiku by D.L. Watson

Sci-fi, fantasy,
Suspense, romance, even more,
Books haunt men, lurking

This haiku is part of a Writing Challenge I have undertaken to write something every day in the month of December on a pre-selected list of topics. Photographer Jacqueline Ashford is keeping pace with me on the same list of topics, her with a camera and me with a keyboard. You can see Jacqueline’s gorgeous photos here. We’re having way too much fun with this mutual challenge. (You can see the list of topics here.)

Tomorrow’s Topic: Wrapping Paper

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