Destiny and Dreams 2

So often in fantasy fiction we see a hero involved in a quest, a quest that will fulfill their destiny to accomplish whatever it is they are supposed to accomplish. (Ah! The power of an author!) This quest becomes their guiding light, something that pushes them on. They can’t rest until the quest is accomplished. The most well-known of these is probably Frodo in Lord of the Rings. Must…destroy…the…ring…. And on he struggles to reach the end of the road.

My pastor spoke yesterday about destiny and dreams. Not any old dreams, but God-given dreams. God has birthed in each of our hearts dreams, visions for finding or creating something wonderful. You may not be Frodo (that’s probably a good thing, given the hairy feet and all), but you do have a destiny. It’s possible that life and hardships have stomped all over your dreams and they no longer seem possible, but nothing is impossible for God. It is he who inspires us, enables us to achieve our dreams.

What are your dreams, your destiny? It’s time to pull up our bootstraps, press on (yes, like Frodo) and live the dream.

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