Doctor Who! — 11 Doctors in 6 Minutes

I’m getting pretty excited, anticipating the 50th anniversary Doctor Who episode on Saturday. I have dutifully avoided all spoilers trailers to date but from what I have seen, we are promised a packed episode complete with David Tennant (Doctor #10 for you newbies) and Matt Smith (#11) as well as a better introduction to the new #12.

In case you need to catch up, I found a video that gives the entire first 47 years in six minutes! Note that the video was made in 2011, so the last couple of Matt Smith seasons are not included, but that’s not bad considering what you get.

And with that, I give you an introduction to the first 11 Doctors, compliments of The Fine Bros. Allons-y!

Now you too are ready for the BBC 50th anniversary Doctor Who special on Saturday. See you there!

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