Dragonforge, by James Maxey

dragonforge-tinyDragonforge is the second book in James Maxey’s Dragon Age trilogy. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, Bitterwood, and so I ordered Dragonforge. Before I read it, however, I was disappointed to find out the author is a self-proclaimed atheist. Regardless, I had ordered the book and decided to go ahead and read it.

I found Dragonforge (like its predecessor) to be well-written and very imaginative. The story is set in a world where dragons have ruled for thousands of years over mankind, unaware that mankind was once the dominant species. Dragonforge continues a human revolt that started in the first book. The story moved along well with a nice pace, good use of dialogue and vivid descriptions.

James Maxey is obviously familiar with Christian theology, even to the point of quoting scripture. However, his religious philosophy is also quite apparent in the pages of the book. Although I enjoyed the quality of the book, I found his underlying viewpoint to be rather dismal.

For more info on Dragonseed (the final volume in the trilogy to be released later this month), click on the link below:

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