Fablehaven 3: Grip of the Shadow Plague, By Brandon Mull

51rf7Yq695L._SL160_On the enthusiastic recommendation of a friend of mine, I am continuing to work my way through Brandon Mull’s Fablehaven books. I have been warned however, that I might get hooked and Book 5 is not yet out. (Furthermore, it won’t be out until Spring 2010.)  Now that I have read the first three books in the series, I can see the danger. But I will gamely press on. …Ok, the truth is, I’m having a lot of fun reading these books.

Grip of the Shadow Plague continues the saga unfolding at the Fablehaven preserve for magical beings. Unfortunately for these creatures, someone or something has unleashed a plague on the preserve that turns beings of light into creatures of darkness who then try to bite the creatures of light and turn them into dark creatures as well. The plague begins to spread rapidly over Fablehaven, threatening to overrun the preserve altogether. The Sorenson’s, grandparents of Kendra and Seth, desperately need help to save the preserve, but their old ally, the Sphinx, has been behaving oddly and fears run rampant that he may actually be a traitor. Meanwhile, Kendra and a couple of her fellow Knights of the Dawn rush to another distant preserve in an effort to keep one of the few remaining artifacts out of the Society’s hands.

“When jumping is the sole option, you jump.”

This has got to be my favorite line in the book. It certainly fits the story well. Several times, the heroes in the book have no choice but to jump and take their chances that all will end well. While the book is written for a YA audience, I found enough suspense, particularly in the last half of the book, to keep me going well into the night until I finished the book.

So who is author Brandon Mull? This graduate of Brigham Young University started working on his first full-length novel after completing his degree in 2000. After the book was rejected by many agents and publishers, Brandon’s talents caught the attention of an editor at Shadow Mountain Publishing. While the publisher did not buy that book, they asked to see something else and thus Fablehaven was born.

At this point, the first three Fablehaven books are out in paperback (Book 3 was more than 470 pages). To the best of my knowledge, Book 4 is still available only in hardcover. But more on that later. I have to go know. I have a date on the magical preserve of Fablehaven.

If you want more details on Fablehaven 3, here’s a link.

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