Fablehaven, by Brandon Mull

[amazon-product alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”000000″ height=”240″]1416947205[/amazon-product]A friend recently introduced me to the Fablehaven books by Brandon Mull. I found Fablehaven, the first book in the series, a fun romp through a fairy tale landscape. There were trolls, satyrs, witches, imps, fairies, and a pair of elderly caretakers looking over this odd assortment of characters in a preserve meant to hide them from prying eyes. Unknown to the modern world, this sanctuary for mythical creatures depends upon secrecy to hide its inhabitants. Therefore, when Kendra and Seth’s parents leave them at their grandparents’ house for almost three weeks, no one knows the adventures in store for these two kids, certainly not their parents. However, this inquisitive young boy and his protective older sister inevitably discover the preserve’s secrets and, in doing so, encounter one problem after another. After a well-paced climax and satisfying ending, the stage is well set for the next book in the series. Fablehaven is written primarily for ages 9-12, but has enough ingredients and intrigue to hold older readers as well. 

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