Fantasy Fiction: A Driving Passion 2

Dona Watson

Dona Watson

Behind God and family, fantasy fiction is one of my driving passions–one of the key factors that make up who I am. Why fantasy? It might be for the brief escape from life gained from a few minutes of reading. It might be the way vast cultures and races designed by talented authors intrigue me. Regardless, I love the way fantasy fiction captures my imagination, poking me, prodding my thoughts toward something I’ve never before considered. To me, that is pure brain candy.

I know that to some Christians, fantasy fiction is frowned upon as a venture too far from reality to be healthy. In fact, not all see fiction itself as being wholesome in any way, but instead consider it to be simply a lie–as evidenced by scathing essays and posts that can be easily found on the internet. To those people, I would say, “Consider Christ’s parables.” Jesus Christ himself understood, in all of his wisdom, the explosive power a story can have on the human soul. Sometimes a story can capture our interest in ways that true life–or dryly recited principles–never can.

This is particularly true with our younger generation. Young people are so easily entranced by a good story. And this is where children of God can make a real difference in someone else’s life. Fantasy stories in particular capture young minds in ways no other types of stories can. I’m not talking about gritty, sensual fiction, but stories filled with action, intrigue, and light. What an opportunity we have to point others to Christ–the ultimate source of light in this increasingly darkening world.

As examples, I point to authors such as Bryan Davis, Wayne Thomas Batson, Sharon Hinck and others who have successfully captured our emotions and minds and then redirected us toward God and his precepts. Oh, that someday I might add my humble work toward achieving the same goal! Hence springs my love, my passion for fantasy fiction. Let’s embrace the passion and let our lights shine!

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2 thoughts on “Fantasy Fiction: A Driving Passion

  • Scott T. Barnes


    I loved your post. I edit New Myths ( magazine and write short stories in the fantasy and science fiction genres. As a Christian, I have been looking for ways to include my values and belief in my fiction without sounding “preachy.” I am still asking myself many questions and experimenting with things such as: Can you have a Christian message even if your protagonist is evil? (A come-uppance story?) Is it the situation that makes the message? The decisions of the characters? The results of these decisions?

    I am based in Orange County. Maybe we’ll run into each other at a convention sometime.


    • admin


      Your New Myths magazine looks interesting. I look forward to coming back to your web site and exploring it further. Regarding Christianity and fiction, I believe that whatever one’s worldview is will be reflected in the author’s work. I think if you’re true to your beliefs and write from your heart, your platform will come through without having made an effort to spell it out for the reader. This is truly a manifestation of Christ’s words, “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matthew 12:34). I think that the Christian message can shine in all the instances you have mentioned. So many new authors are exploring these options that it is an interesting time for our genre. If you’re going to the SDCWG meeting this fall maybe we can meet up. I’m hoping to be there.