“Fantasy & Science Fiction” – December Issue 2

cov0912lg-250Fantasy & Science Fiction is a bimonthly magazine now in its 61st year of publication. The publisher was kind enough to send me the December issue as a review copy and, I must say, when I received the magazine it was not at all what I expected.

Even though the magazine has been around longer than I have, I had never come across it before. I was surprised to see the issue weighed in at more than 250 pages and the content was very good. It contained four novelets, seven short stories, and the usual handful of departments/columns (an editorial, Books of Interest, Films, Coming Attractions, and a quirky little one-page entitled Curiosities).

The writing in the magazine is top-notch. I love highlighting periodicals such as this because, especially in the fantasy/sci-fi genre, they are responsible for giving a leg up to aspiring writers as well as giving readers a taste of other, already published authors who someone might not have run across before.

A subscription to the magazine is a little pricey ($34.97 for one year; $46.97 outside the U.S.), but is large enough that it would be like buying six paperbacks for less than $6 each. In addition, you can purchase copies on the magazine’s website for your smartphone or computer (PDF). According to the website, there is supposedly audio copies available from audible.com but I couldn’t find them. If you love fantasy/sci-fi short stories and novelettes, you’ll probably enjoy the magazine.

Fantasy & Science Fiction is published bimonthly by Spilogale, Inc.
The magazine’s website is: http://www.sfsite.com/fsf/
Further information is available here.

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