Forbidden by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee: A Powerful, Emotional Book 2

Forbidden truly is the beginning of a wonderful new series. I admit that sounds like ever so much PR-speak, but I mean it.

This new book by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee has received so much hype that part of me wondered if it was all fluff but now, having read the book, I see that many of the endorsements were spot-on.

I am a big fan of Tosca Lee’s. She has written some amazing books (namely, Havah and Demon) with beautiful poetic language. And Ted Dekker’s books always have plenty of thrilling action (which I love), but I have been less than satisfied with some of his endings.

Nonetheless, both Lee and Dekker are very talented writers with very specific skills and I was excited when I heard they were combining their talents on a new book. Wait…a new series? Even better!

As I waited (impatiently, I might add) for the book’s release, part of me was fearful for the authors and their work. For writers, collaborations can be the most difficult projects ever and hard to pull off brilliantly. But I needn’t have worried. Lee and Dekker pulled this one off admirably.

Lest this sound too much like a love-fest, I read the entire book last night in one sitting and am still on that satisfied high that I sometimes get when I finish a book that really hit the sweet spot. In the midst of that, I have to sit back and look carefully to find a downside. But here goes…

Some people will not like this book. The basic premise of the story is that in a post-apocalyptic world, humans have released a retrovirus that infected every person in the world, effectively editing out of their DNA all emotions except fear in an effort to keep humanity from destroying itself again through ambition and war.

Because the book explores the heights of every emotion known to man, more gentle souls might be offended by the authors’ explorations of desire, rage and lust. Regardless, I think that roughly 90% of my reader friends would not be offended and would enjoy this book to its fullest, including its explorations of joy, peace and love as the basis for a living society.

I dare not say more lest I give away too many spoilers. This book deserves to be read as a new experience, allowing the reader to discovers new vistas in every chapter.

Forbidden hits bookstores September 13, 2011.

You can get $10 off if you pre-order through Amazon (here) or Barnes & Noble (here). For more information on the authors, here are links to their websites:,

Publisher: Hachette Book Group; Imprint: Center Street
Format: Hardcover
Publication Date: 09/13/2011
Pages: 432
ISBN: 9781599953540
List Price: $24.99

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