Anne Rice: Surrender to Love

Anne Rice. When people hear her name, many immediately think of her wildly successful vampire books–books that have inspired films, television adaptations, live theater performance, comics, fan fiction and even music. We’re talking sales of 100 million books worldwide. Now that’s an audience!

What some don’t know is that in 2004, Rice announced that she had returned to the faith of her childhood and had determined that from that time forward she would “write only for the Lord,” leaving behind the “aetheistic despair, searching and misery” she had been mired in.

Since that time, her books “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt” and “Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana,” (the first two books in a planned trilogy) and “Angel Time” have been published. “Angel Time: The Songs of the Seraphim” hit the shelves in October 2009.

On January 14, Rice appeared in an interview on The 700 Club. In the interview, she talks about her search for God and her subsequent return to the faith. With many of her loyal fans following her story, she has had opportunity to respond to others who are reaching out to escape the misery and search for meaning they identified with in her vampire books. What journey she has made.

You can see for yourself Rice’s current projects and story at her website:

She also has a Facebook fan page at:
Anne Rice’s Facebook Fan Page

Meanwhile, here’s a link to the 8-minute video interview: Anne Rice Interview

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