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One of the best Christian fantasy series to come out in the last few years is Jill Williamson’s Blood of Kings trilogy. (I posted a short blurb on book 2 here, where I also touched briefly on book 1.) And here’s a deal for you: on author Jill Williamson’s website you can listen to or download free podcast episodes of book 1 and now she is in the process of releasing episodes for book 2. Here’s the link.

If you’d like to know more about the books, here are summaries for you:

By Darkness Hid (Book 1)
Winner of the 2010 Christy Award for the Visionary category

Achan has been a slave all his life. Worse than a slave — a stray. He is consigned to the kitchen of a lord and forced to swallow a foul potion every day. When an enigmatic knight offers to train Achan for the Kingsguard, he readily accepts. But his new skills with the sword do not prepare him for the battle raging between the voices in his head.

Vrell Sparrow is not who she seems. She masquerades as a boy to avoid capture by the powerful forces that seek to exploit her. But Vrell feels called to help a young squire who recently discovered his bloodvoicing gift, even if doing so requires her to work with those who could destroy her.

While Achan learns to use his new ability, Vrell struggles to shut hers down. All the voices strive to learn Achan and Vrell’s true identities — and a different kind of voice is calling them both. Toward a destination that is by darkness hid.

To Darkness Fled (Book 2)

They have no choice. Chased by an evil prince, Achan, Vrell, and the Kingsguard knights flee into Darkness. They head north, for Tsaftown and Ice Island, where they must free an army that can help them fight for Er’Rets.

Darkness sickens Vrell. How long can she keep her secret without being caught? Achan already suspects her of lying. If she is not careful, he will suspect her treason as well. She hopes he will let his suspicions go until they reach her home.

Achan wanted freedom, but this new journey has bound him more than ever. Sir Gavin’s claims are so far fetched. First, that there might only be one God, and second, that this God chose Achan to push back Darkness, the magnificent curse of Er’Rets. Him. Achan. Barely a man himself. 

Each setback Darkness brings seems minor compared to the one choice only Achan can make. What will he choose?

From Darkness Won (Book 3)

Achan steps into his role as Crown Prince and prepares for war. But war against whom? Could Esek still be alive? Has Lord Nathak taken Esek’s place? Or is the mysterious Hadad the true enemy Achan must confront?

Vrell has her own agenda of serving Prince Oren as a healer, but when she is stormed and lost to the Veil, Achan does all he can to bring her back. His conversations with her are strange, though, as if she has no memory of who he is.

In a land consumed by Darkness, the fate of Er’Rets hangs in the balance as Achan endeavors to take the throne and end the reign of Darkness.

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You can purchase the Blood of Kings trilogy from the publisher (Marcher Lord Press) or any major book retailers in paperback or ebook formats. Here are links for Amazon (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3).

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