Late-Night Sci-Fi/Fantasy Haiku 5

(photo by karylmc,

It’s amazing what happens late at night when I can’t sleep. Maybe it was a combination of the morning’s coffee and the late-afternoon triple latte, following by iced tea at dinner, but last night my brain decided to create haiku instead of sleeping. In a moment of transparency, I decided to share the results with you.

But it’s amazing how in the morning, the brilliance expressed the night before vanishes. So, after a couple of re-writes, here are two of my (still goofy) haiku, just for fun. I hope you enjoy it — and please don’t throw virtual eggs my way.

You definitely have to be a sci-fi/fantasy geek to get these. If you understand the references, you can add at least two points to your geek cred.


little ponies prance
fans gather, wait breathlessly
Bronycon begins


adventures to find
time travel, aliens lurk
the blue box awaits


Happy Friday!

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