Marcher Lord Press Releases 3 SciFi Titles

Gearbox Icon 01--Guy with BannerToday is the day Marcher Lord Press releases three new Christian-based science fiction titles. From October 1 through October 4, special bundles are available, including free shipping, wall posters and t-shirts. The new titles are:

A Star Curiously Singing--Medium“A Star Curiously Singing
By Kerry Nietz

Sandfly is a debugger. He is property. Bought and paid for by his master, a relatively benign lord in a future Earth living under sharia law. All other faiths but Islam have been banned. And the word of the great Imam is law. Sandfly just wants to debug his master’s robots and avoid the mental pain shocks sent from the remote triggers owned by all the masters. But now he’s been called into Earth orbit. Apparently the masters have a new spacecraft–one capable of interstellar flight. And on its maiden voyage, the only robot on board went mad and tore itself limb from limb. Why? Better question: does it pose any risk to humans? When Sandfly reviews the bot’s files and replays its last moments, he hears something strange playing in the bot’s ears as they orbit Betelgeuse. He hears singing. Is it just solar winds interfering with the robot’s wiring? Or is it something else? As Sandfly pieces together the clues, the masters spread the trap before his feet. Everyone is racing to the same conclusion, but only one side welcomes what that singing represents. It’s I, Robot meets Muhammad in space. Read a sample chapter and an interview with the author here.

Eternity Falls--Medium“Eternity Falls”
By Kirk Outerbridge

Rick Macey is former military, and he’s got the bionic enhancements to show for it. Now he’s a detective specializing in religious counter-terrorism. Which is ironic, because Macey long ago lost his faith. Now the company that produces “the miracle treatment,” an expensive elixir that causes people to halt the decay of their DNA (and thus halt aging indefinitely) has come calling for Macey–by name. It seems that the miracle cure’s primary spokesperson has just died–of natural causes. So much for living forever. Billions of dollars are at stake if word of this gets out to the public. They have to keep believing that the cure works. A beautiful executive at the corporation believes there is something sinister behind the spokesperson’s death, and that it is religiously motivated. Macey has been recommended to her–but they don’t have much time to prove her theory before the press gets wind of what’s going on. Especially since Macey wants no part in anything that would cause people to be cursed with living forever. He knows all too much about that. Before it’s over, Macey will find enemies of friends, brothers of enemies, and romance and faith in the midst of high-stakes combat at the edge of human ability. Read a sample chapter and an interview with the author here.

The Word Reclaimed--Medium“The Word Reclaimed”
By Steve Rzasa

Far in the future, the five colonized systems have finally been freed of the curse of religion. By mandating tolerance across all colonies, no one can bring religious persecution upon anyone else. Things have been this way for a generation. Long enough for most of those living to have never known a Torah, Koran, or New Testament, except in stories. And the Kesek secret police work hard to keep it so. So what happens when a bitter teenage discovers a holy book that has been earmarked for destruction? What happens when it begins speaking to him. And now that Kesek is coming for him and his father and anyone else who gets in his way, what is he going to do with this troublesome book? The Word Reclaimed is epic space opera amidst civil war, treachery, and  political alliances as sifting as Martian sand. Read a sample chapter and an interview with the author here.

I hope to be able to offer reviews of these books soon, so keep you eyes open for that. Meanwhile, you can visit the Marcher Lord Press online store here.

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