Marcher Lord Press Sold to Literary Agent Steve Laube

Gearbox-Icon-01-Guy-with-Banner-300x249I was shocked when a friend told me that agent Steve Laube has purchased Marcher Lord Press. On a Speculative Faith blog post, I found some interesting thoughts on the deal — and a few preliminary words by Steve himself in the comments section.

For one thing, it appears that Kerry NietzAmish Vampires in Space (which I had fun reading and reviewed here) and the adult Hinterlands arm of MLP were not included in the purchase and rights have been released back to authors Kerry Nietz and Vox Day. It will be interesting to see how the future unfolds for MLP. Perhaps we’re facing a tamer, gentler MLP in the future?

Specifically, I’m wondering if MLP is in danger of losing the edge that made it so unique — and to many, attractive. What do you think?

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