Masters & Slayers, by Bryan Davis

Masters & Slayers is Book 1 in a new adult fantasy series being written by Bryan Davis to complement Starlighter, Book 1 in his new “Dragons of Starlight” series for young adult (YA). (Starlighter was released by Zondervan March 2010. To see my 3-day review, click here: Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. Book 2 in the YA series will be released January 2011.)

The adult Masters & Slayers novel takes place in the same universe first introduced in the YA Starlighter novel, yet each book follows different characters in the same story. Masters & Slayers focuses on Adrian Masters, an expert swordsman who resigns his position as bodyguard to the governor in order to follow an older brother through a portal to another world where humans are enslaved by dragons. Marcelle, headstrong childhood friend and tournament rival, becomes Adrian’s partner in a plan to free those who have forgotten they were captured and transported to the dragons’ world as slave laborers. Once the two heroes arrive, however, they are in for a few surprises that force them to face obstacles they never planned for.

Book 1 in the young adult series "Dragons of Starlight"

This book differs from the YA book in that it deals with more adult themes in a decidedly more complex storyline. At first it seemed odd to follow a storyline that parallels the same events in another book, yet from different viewpoint. However, before long Adrian and Marcelle’s story took a different turn and it was then that I settled into the book and the pages started flying by. Davis created an interesting set of characters with very different personalities, put them in a unique fantasy world, then packed it full of intrigue, danger and emotional turmoil to create a timeless, inspirational story that kept me turning pages far into the night. I greatly look forward to the second book in this series.

Bryan Davis and his books can be found at:

Publisher: Living Ink Books (AMG Publishers, Inc.)
Release Date: September 13, 2010
Length: 432 pages
List Price: $14.99, Trade Paperback
Preorders available from Amazon here:
Masters & Slayers

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