Mission of Honor, by David Weber

Part of my goal here is to let all of you know what the best-selling books are in SciFi and Fantasy (SF/F). As such, I will be posting what some of the best-sellers are according to Amazon. First on the list is Mission of Honor (Book 12 in the Honor Harrington series) by David Weber. This book has been ranked as the #1 best-selling SF/F book for the week of June 20. Here’s the official blurb:

The Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Republic of Haven have been enemies for Honor Harrington’s entire life, and she has paid a price for the victories she’s achieved in that conflict. And now the unstoppable juggernaut of the mighty Solarian League is on a collision course with Manticore. The millions who have already died may have been only a foretaste of the billions of casualties just over the horizon, and Honor sees it coming.

She’s prepared to do anything, risk anything, to stop it, and she has a plan that may finally bring an end to the Havenite Wars and give even the Solarian League pause. But there are things not even Honor knows about. There are forces in play, hidden enemies in motion, all converging on the Star Kingdom of Manticore to crush the very life out of it, and Honor’s worst nightmares fall short of the oncoming reality.

But Manticore’s enemies may not have thought of everything after all. Because if everything Honor Harrington loves is going down to destruction, it won’t be going alone.

Publisher: Baen
Release Date: Baen lists July 2010, Amazon lists June 22
Hardcover, 864 pages
List Price: $27.00, currently on sale from Amazon for $14.58

Author’s Website: David Weber

Here’s my Amazon Associates link: Medal of Honor
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