My 10 Favorite Things About Summer 4


My daughter hunting for shells

Yep, school’s out and the bows have been tied on my daughter’s sophomore year of high school. Yippee!

Now it’s time for five weeks of summer school, during which time I try to figure out where to sit and work for two hours while class is in session. Yesterday was Starbucks but since I seem to be hooked on Starbucks lattes (instead of a plain ole, less expensive cup of coffee), I’d probably end up spending all my disposable income at the coffee shop if I went every day. So today it’s my commuter mug of coffee and my laptop in the back corner of the school’s parking lot.

But as I was getting ready to dive into work, I was thinking about what’s so great about summer. Here’s what I came up with:

1. The beach. I love the beach, unfortunately I rarely go. So when DD asks, “Mom, can we go to the beach this summer?” I immediately answer, “I certainly hope so.” And under my breath I add, “More than once” and then try to start planning a trip.

2. Quiet mornings. Normally, the kids sleep in and I enjoy beautiful summer mornings on the patio with my coffee and laptop. With summer school in session, this one will be a bit hard to manage for the next few weeks but it seems quiet enough in the parking lot! Regardless, I’m definitely looking forward to mornings after mid-July.

3. Air conditioning. Seriously. I love California but don’t live near the beach. Come summer, it can get quite warm inland and makes me very thankful for air conditioning.

4. Uninterrupted afternoons. In summer I don’t have to stop work by making notes to remember where I am when I get back after the afternoon school run.

5. French toast. I love French toast — and so does the rest of my family. In fact, that’s what I made this morning before we left for school at 7:00. That’s a feat I’d never attempt during the school year but somehow seems easier to manage in the summer, even though right now we’re on the same morning schedule as during the school year. Mental obstacles can be funny things.

6. Books! Yep, you figured I’d get that in there somewhere, right? Later sunsets can often mean iced tea on the patio with a good book before I have to make dinner — after I get off work, of course.

7. Reassessment. Summer is a natural place to stop and evaluate how I’m doing on this year’s goals, then usually panic because I’m behind. Ok, so that last part isn’t my favorite thing, but it is a good time to catch my breath for the next six months of the year.

8. Friends and family. Summer is birthday month in our family. So once I’m finished stressing out about making sure all the presents have been purchased, it’s fun to sit back and enjoy the parties.

9. Travel and new sights. It seems like we never get out of town as often as I’d like but summer is the time to do it, right? Time to plan that trip! Even if it’s only for a weekend.

10. My husband. My sunshine-loving honey who is so happy when it’s warm and sunny. I love to see that relaxed smile on his face.

Well, that’s my list. What’s on yours?

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4 thoughts on “My 10 Favorite Things About Summer

  • Jeanette aka Mom :)

    I, like Bev, say ditto to all but summer school problems. However, after such a grand trip as our Alaska Sea & Land Cruise was last month, I think nothing else is going to hold first place THIS sumemr: At least we can sit and view the pix, memorabilia and DVD’s 🙂