My Favorite Christian Fantasy Novel Re-released: The Restorer by Sharon Hinck 2

As I’m sure you got in the headline, The Restorer by Sharon Hinck is my favorite Christian fantasy novel of all time. I was so sad when it fell out of print because it’s just such a wonderful story. And then…it was picked up by Marcher Lord Press for re-release! Oh happy day!

But the book wasn’t simply put up for a re-run, Marcher Lord Press sponsored an Expanded Edition that added bonus scenes; links to photos, videos and recipes; and a 10-part devotion guide as well. This is really cool because even if you’ve read the previous edition, you can check out the expanded edition and get more new stuff.

In fact, that’s just what I did. I was pretty excited to see The Restorer, Expanded Edition come out in October 2011, but I have to admit that even though it’s such a favorite book of mine, I kept putting off acquiring the new copy — until I found out that the expanded version of Book 2 in the series is due for re-release in April (yes, next month!). So I stepped up and got a copy of Book 1. Boy, am I glad I did.

This is the third or fourth time I’ve read The Restorer — which is saying something because my to-be-read stack is so tall that I rarely re-read anything, no matter how much I want to. As I worked my way through the book, it was fun to find the little bonus chapters filling in the gaps behind the scenes, mostly from the viewpoints of some secondary characters.

I also had fun clicking on the little QR codes to find new nuggets (email links are provided for those who don’t have access to QR code readers). I wish I could give you one for an example, but that would spoil the surprise, wouldn’t it?

By this time you might be wondering what in the world this book is about. So I’m going to give you the official blurb. After today, stay tuned because my next post will go a little deeper into the reasons why I liked this story so much the first time I read it. I’d also like to introduce you to the author. So until then, here’s the summary:

Susan Mitchell thought she was an ordinary homemaker. She was wrong. When she’s pulled through a portal into another world, she finds a nation grappling for its soul and waiting for a promised Restorer to save their people.

She has always longed to do something important for God, but can she fill this role?

While she struggles to adapt to a foreign culture, she tackles an enemy that is poisoning the minds of the people, uncovers a corrupt ruling Council, and learns that God can use even her floundering attempts at service in surprising ways.

This new expanded edition of The Restorer includes an in-depth devotion guide for readers who want to dig into the spiritual themes of the book, bonus scenes providing glimpses of the story through a variety of characters, and fun extras including links to songs and recipes.

In case you just can’t wait for my next post, you can get more info on The Restorer, Expanded Edition here. Meanwhile, I’ll be back with more.

Ranking: 5 out of 5 stars.

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