New Suspense Thriller by Jack Cavanaugh Explores the Supernatural

Can someone’s spirit possess another’s body without involving demon possession? This is one of the key questions raised in Jack Cavanaugh’s new supernatural suspense thriller, Behold.

The main character in Behold is Damon, a brain-damaged teenager who repeatedly experiences a unique phenomenon. When he has seizures, his spirit is flung back in history to possess another person’s body. When he lands in medieval France, he is thought to be a demon but in reality, finds himself aligning with a secret society to battle ancient evil and solve the mystery of the seven candlesticks found in the Biblical book Revelation. The supernatural battle of good versus evil extends back before creation to a struggle against an ancient evil entity that now seeks to kill Damon.

Behold opens in Ephesus, A.D. 395, with a young man desperately fleeing for his life from an angry crowd of men sent by the goddess Artemis to destroy him. After a description of this young man’s flight, we find ourselves in the present day, where Damon introduces the story to us. This short section, entitled “The Art of Possession”, opens with:

Essentially, it’s breaking and entering, only more personal. A lot more personal. Instead of being inside someone’s house, rifling through their medicine cabinet and underwear drawer, you’re inside their head, elbow deep in their unspoken secrets, repressed memories, and the traumatic events they’ve kicked into the back corner of the closet of their minds. I avoid the closets. Too many monsters lurking there.

Behold was a thought-provoking read that I breezed through, not willing to lay it down until I was finished. It made me think of the “special kids” my daughter worked with in middle school, of how we tend to feel superior to them, and of what God’s destiny is for each of us — all the while couched in the author’s rich imagination of the supernatural realm.

The book also reminded me of Cavanaugh’s previous Kingdom Wars books — a pair of books that remain among my favorites. If you liked Kingdom Wars, I’m sure you’ll like Behold. It has much of the same flavor in terms of pace, suspense and spiritual supernatural events.

There’s one more thing about the book I want to mention — it’s available in e-book form only. And, it’s only $2.99, at price that to me is well worth the story you will get. As you might know, not having an e-reader is no excuse for not getting the book. You can get Kindle software for your PC or Mac and read it on your computer.

In terms of ranking, I give Behold 4.5 stars out of 5. It will definitely be staying in my library and someday I’m sure I will go back and read it again.

You can purchase Behold from Amazon (for Kindle) or from Barnes & Noble (for Nook). For more information, here are my affiliate links: Amazon, Barnes & Noble. In addition, check out the book trailer below.

You can find the author at:

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