New Sword & Sorcery Series by Philip Athans and Mel Odom

Illustration by Keith Birdsong

A promising new fantasy series hit the virtual shelves this week: Aaron of the Black Forest, The Haunting of Dragon’s Cliff by New York Times best-selling author Philip Athans and Mel Odom. I say “virtual shelves” because it is available only in e-book form.

Today Athans posted the prologue and after reading it, I’m anxious to read more. Here are the first two paragraphs:


Despoilers of the Frozen Vast

Arron had to turn his face away from the bog ape’s fetid, blast-furnace breath, but still he pressed closer, harder into the great silverback’s unyielding bulk. With a grunt, Arron twisted his upper body to the left, but the ape didn’t budge. The muscles along Arron’s back and around his midsection twisted, threatening to crush his own ribs.

The bog ape’s lips pulled back in a quivering sneer that bared yellow, broken fangs turning orange from the blood that oozed from its diseased gums. Its hands were as rough as broken rocks on Arron’s tundra-tough skin, and it squeezed his left arm so tightly his left hand tingled and went numb.

If you’d like to read the excerpt in its entirety, here’s the link.

I have followed Philip Athans’ blog for some time, intrigued by his past successful books and the information he has to offer authors of fantasy fiction. Now, as one of many best-selling authors who are experimenting with publishing straight to e-book, I’m curious to see how well the book sells. As of writing this post, I see that on Amazon, the book is already ranked at #59,228 for paid sales. I have a feeling that at $2.99, the book is a great deal.

For more info (including purchasing links), you can find Philip Athans at his main blog as well as at a site dedicated to the book:

Co-author Mel Odom can be found at:

The talented man who illustrated the cover for Aaron of the Black Forest is Keith Birdsong.

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