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Bethany House published Offworld as “Suspense Fiction” and I suppose that is perhaps the best commercial classification for the book, but to me, it had a certain wonderful quality that went beyond suspense. If any book could be called speculative fiction, Offworld certainly qualifies.

The novel opens in 2032 with U.S. astronaut Christopher Burke lost in a Mars sandstorm. With oxygen running low and consciousness fading, Burke’s immediate future holds little promise. However, he mysteriously makes it back to base and his three companions long after his oxygen should have run out. Unfortunately, he doesn’t remember how he got there. This puzzle continues to haunt Burke throughout the course of the book as flashbacks frequently catch him unaware (usually at the worst possible times). However, with each flashback, he remembers a bit more of what happened that day.

Speeding forward to eight months later, the four-person team of astronauts are en route back to Earth when all connection with NASA is severed. The astronauts nervously assume the problem is a communications glitch and continue with their flight as planned. Then, in their approach to Earth, all the ship’s systems shut down. Somehow their fiery ball of a ship makes it back to Kennedy Space Center, where it plows a nasty furrow in the runway. The astronauts stumble out of the ruined ship only to find no one is there to greet them. Thus ends Chapter One.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of my review of Offworld.

Here’s the official book trailer:

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