Reading Thoughts and Facing the Unknown 2

Dona Watson

Dona Watson

In Luke (Chapter 7), we find a narrative about a woman who came to Christ as he was dining at a Pharisee’s house and began to weep at his feet, washing them with her tears. As she kissed Christ’s feet and anointed them with precious ointment, the Pharisee who had invited Christ began to grumble in his heart that if Christ were a prophet, he would know the woman was a sinner, implying that had Christ known, there’s no way he would have allowed this woman to touch him. 

At this point, in verse 40, we see what is perhaps my favorite part of the story: “And answering, Jesus said to him, ‘Simon, I have something to say to you.’ And he said, ‘Teacher, speak.’” The passage goes on to detail a parable Christ told about a creditor with two debtors, neither of whom could afford to repay their loan. Nonetheless, the creditor forgave their debts, one 500 denarii and the other 50. The story illustrates how those who are forgiven much, love much and those who are forgiven little, often love little. 

Many have waxed eloquent on the outcome of the story and the lesson Christ taught. However, today I am drawn back to verse 40 and the fact that Jesus answered Simon’s thoughts. That is the stuff legends are made of. If this were to happen in a novel, we would see some kind of sage who would know everything about you before you said anything, an all-powerful character who could bend heaven and earth at will. In such a story, the other party often either trembles in fear or bows in deep respect before such a formidable figure.

What joy to think that this is who my Lord is! Christianity is all about him, the one who can read my thoughts, the one true, all-powerful King of heaven and earth. Before such a God, I have no right to demand anything. I can only bow my head in humility before such power, before the One who knows the unknown. And the amazing part? He loves me. He knows me. He knows my life, just as he knew the situation with the woman who wept on his feet. He knew her, he loved her, and he forgave her. He wanted to help her face the unknowns in her life. 

The Bible teaches that he wants to extend that love to me. Christ wants to help me face the unknowns in my life. All I need to do is humble myself before him, honor him and seek forgiveness. He knows the answers. He knows the solutions we need to face the unknown.


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2 thoughts on “Reading Thoughts and Facing the Unknown

  • Ashley Ludwig

    Dona, you are AMAZING. I love your blog! 🙂 Well done. SO Amazing. You’ve obviously put much thought into the creation and delivery of your content–((HUGS))

    This post is a beautiful way to begin your journey. I’m so excited for you!


    • admin

      Hey, thanks for the kind words, Ashley! You’re a sweetheart. I hope to see you at Rebecca’s tomorrow. If not, let’s get together, ok?