Realms of Fantasy Accepting Submissions

augustCRRealms of Fantasy, the bimonthly publication, announced recently that the door has just been opened to writers and artists for submissions.

The magazine has had quite a year. It was announced in January that the publication would be closing after its April 2009 issue. But then in March, a new announcement revealed that Tir Na Nog Press purchased Realms of Fantasy from Sovereign Media and would keep the magazine alive. They opened a temporary splash page at

I was lucky to receive a review copy but I’m embarrassed to admit, the issue got lost in my stack of books to be read. Sorry guys. But I found it and here I am.

My first impression of the magazine was that it is beautiful. The artwork is high quality and the publication is printed on nice stock. According to the official description, the magazine covers fantasy, Arthurian sagas, ancient myths, contemporary fantasy, and features fantasy artists, movie reviews, new computer games, board, card, and role-playing games.

However, in terms of content, I found a mixed bag. The game, movie and book reviews were informative, but I found some of the nonfiction articles were just a little odd, particularly an article entitled “Folkroots.” This article was a wandering assessment of “mystic rhythms” that seemed to drift from one religion to another in its attempt to trace the roots of music. Meanwhile, the fiction was comprised of solid speculative works.

I’m not sure how long Realms of Fantasy has been published, but it undoubtedly has a loyal fan base. And the truth remains (as pointed out in an editorial by Fiction Editor Shawn McCarthy), that publications like this have helped to give a leg up to many talented, aspiring writers and artists. In that regard, I wish them the best of luck.

If you are an artist or writer interested in submission details, see the details found in this blog post by Nonfiction Editor Doug Cohen:

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