Science Fiction with a Twist in Knox’s Irregulars by J. Wesley Bush

Randal Knox, the first-born son of the Prime Minister wanted nothing more than to fit in, away from the world of politics that many assumed he would step into. That’s where the armored infantry comes in, the perfect place to get out of the limelight — or so he thinks.

When things go wrong, Randal finds himself in charge of a small remnant of survivors and thus the Irregulars are born. Together, they have to figure out how to survive and fight back against the invaders.

As a militaristic science fiction novel, Knox’s Irregulars differs from many others in that it was written on a framework of Evangelical Christianity — something that one rarely finds in this genre (that’s the twist). In addition, I found that it is also a solid science fiction novel with a strong techno/armed forces component.

As well it should. The author, J. Wesley Bush, has previously been an airborne infantryman and military intelligence cryptolinguist. Other roles he has played in life include an NGO worker, historian and…circus unicyclist.

I think the book’s strengths lie in it’s characterization, action, and if you’re a Christian, you probably will appreciate the strong spiritual component. In terms of ranking, I give Knox’s Irregulars 3.75 stars. I enjoyed reading it and would consider reading it again but to do so, I’d first have to dig my way out of my stack of books still to be read, and…well, I’d probably get distracted first. If you like Christian fiction and science fiction, you’ll probably enjoy Knox’s Irregulars and I encourage you to check it out. Here’s a link to Amazon.

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