SciFi Suspense: Corridor by Robin Parrish

I had a hard time trying to write a review for Corridor, new novella by Robin Parrish. The book is definitely SciFi, definitely a thriller, and Parrish’s first foray into YA (Young Adult) lit. Beyond that, it is hard to know where to start.

On his 17th birthday, Troy wakes up in a bizarre Corridor, where he has to face one test after another in a series of rooms in which the physical challenges get increasingly harder. Figuring out the reason he is there is as much of a mystery to the reader as it is to Troy. Without giving any spoilers, the end gives the reader some but not all the answers to the mystery, thus setting the scene for a sequel–which I assume will be coming since Corridor is subtitled A MythWorks Novel.

One unique thing about Robin Parrish is that while he is an author of Christian fiction, references to faith in his books are quite subliminal and implied rather than directly portrayed. If you’d like to explore more of this author, his other books include: Vigilante, Nightmare, Offworld, Merciless, Fearless, and Relentless.

(I have read Offworld and Relentless and the latter was definitely my favorite. It started with a bang and drug me along at a breakneck speed clear to the end–which I love. I couldn’t put it down until I finished. For purposes of this blog, I will specify that it’s not SFF, but regardless, I highly recommend it for lovers of suspense.)

For more on Corridor, check out this link to Amazon. (I didn’t find a link on the Barnes & Noble web site.)

You can find the author here: Robin Parrish

Have you read Corridor? I love to hear your thoughts. Just leave a comment and let’s talk.

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