Servant of a Dark God, by John Brown

Servant-cover-NEW-675x1023One book I’ve been hearing a lot about lately is Servant of a Dark God by John Brown. This book, Brown’s debut novel, is published by Tor Books and was just recently released in mid-October. I looked him up on the web and found the author is offering the first 60 pages or so as a preview.

I haven’t read the entire novel, but based on the sample pages, I found the novel a bit gruesome and dark, but the writer in me can appreciate the fact that, wow, this guy can write. He definitely knows how to evoke the reader’s emotions. Before long, I found myself forgetting I was trying to critique the book and instead was caught up in the story. Books 2 and 3 in the series are: Curse of a Dark God (to be released in 2010) and Dark God’s Glory (to be released in 2011).

You can find the sample pages here:
The author’s website is here:
You can find more info on the book here.

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