Smaug Flies Again! Courtesy of Air New Zealand 2

Yesterday, in honor of the new Hobbit movie being released December 12, Air New Zealand unveiled a B777-300 plane — with artwork of Smaug the dragon emblazoned across the side! So cool. Here’s the official video clip:

While we’re talking about the Hobbit movie, here’s another fun video Air New Zealand recently released:

I can’t wait to see the movie. Are any of you going to the first showing?

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2 thoughts on “Smaug Flies Again! Courtesy of Air New Zealand

  • Pascal Imperato

    While dragons do not have a good reputation in the bible, I confess to enjoying the Hobbit adventures, especially in 3D. Let me know if you are organizing a fantasy lovers theatre visit. New Zealand is having fun with this. I especially like the stewardesses with elf ears. I miss Ariel.