Heather Burch

I’m giving away an advanced reading copy of Avenger, Heather Burch’s latest installment in the supernatural Halflings series. For more info, keep reading. In Avenger, 17-year-old heroine Nikki Youngblood is pitted against her most ominous opponents to date, a demonic seeker and a fully recovered Damon Vessler. Here’s the official blurb: […]

Giveaway for Avenger, a Halflings Novel by Heather Burch

What happens when the offspring of fallen angels and human women are tempted with forbidden love? Obedience, respect, and love in the face of mortal danger are the themes that form the skeleton on which Heather Burch’s new book Halflings is built. The story follows Nikki Youngblood, a self-assured 17-year-old […]

Heather Burch Dips into Paranormal Fiction with “Halflings”