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Amish Vampires in Space?? Seriously? Yep, you’d better believe it. According to the book’s forward, Amish Vampires in Space began as a farce, a joke created by Marcher Lord Press‘s founder, Jeff Gerke. However, the concept became a challenge that Kerry Nietz took seriously. The end result is a well-written space […]

Amish Vampires in Space by Kerry Nietz – A Review

Zondervan sent me this new hardback copy of The Broken Window by Christa Kinde and I want to pass it on to one of you. The Broken Window, the third book in the Threshold YA series, is a YA (ages 11–14) novel just published this month (September 2013). Here’s the official blurb: In this third […]

Giveaway: The Broken Window by Christa Kinde

Place mythology, Bible stories and alternative history in a pot, give it a good shake and what comes out? For Danielle Trussoni, it was her novel Angelopolis. Trussoni takes a healthy dose of liberties with each ingredient, thus spinning her own version of history in such a way that it keeps the […]

Trussoni Mixes History, Bible and Myth in “Angelopolis”

I’m giving away an advanced reading copy of Avenger, Heather Burch’s latest installment in the supernatural Halflings series. For more info, keep reading. In Avenger, 17-year-old heroine Nikki Youngblood is pitted against her most ominous opponents to date, a demonic seeker and a fully recovered Damon Vessler. Here’s the official blurb: […]

Giveaway for Avenger, a Halflings Novel by Heather Burch

Oh my goodness! This week is getting away from me. The Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy (CSFF) blog tour for Mike Duran’s new novel The Telling is here already and here I sit. I am so glad to see Christian publishers producing more speculative fiction. Maybe the voices of readers looking […]

New Supernatural Christian Fiction by Mike Duran

Can someone’s spirit possess another’s body without involving demon possession? This is one of the key questions raised in Jack Cavanaugh’s new supernatural suspense thriller, Behold. The main character in Behold is Damon, a brain-damaged teenager who repeatedly experiences a unique phenomenon. When he has seizures, his spirit is flung back […]

New Suspense Thriller by Jack Cavanaugh Explores the Supernatural