The Manifested Energy of God 3

Dona Watson

Dona Watson

On the Day of Pentecost (recorded in Acts 2), God revealed a visual manifestation of his uncreated energy. It appeared to the apostles and those gathered in the upper room as something that resembled small flames of fire that rested on each one of them.

When the Holy Spirit filled the house where they were meeting, it was an immediate foreshadowing of the filling of God’s servants; it filled the house, then it filled the people. The events that occurred on this particular Day of Pentecost are so amazing that we will never be able to wrap our finite human minds around it — no more so than those who heard Peter’s subsequent sermon could understand it. The scripture records (Acts 2:7) that these people were amazed.

Try as we might, we will never be able to fully understand God’s power in our lives. He might manifest himself in ways that we can see (as in miracles), but I believe the most powerful manifestation of all is the way in which the Holy Spirit changes and directs the life of a child of God. Once we have been touched by the uncreated energy of God, he will become evident in all we say and do.

One cannot love God and not show that love to those around them. One cannot serve God without serving those around them. The life of a servant of God is marked by who he is, by what he does, by what he thinks. In this way, God’s Spirit is manifest in us. We will never understand it. We will never be able to explain it. But we can point to it as one of the chief ways God manifests his power in our world today.

In evangelical America, we often mourn the fact that we do not see many supernatural miracles around us, but let us never forget that the most supernatural miracle of all is the way God changes a man, woman, or child when he fills them with his Spirit.

How about you? Does your life, do your thoughts, do your actions reveal to those around you the manifest, uncreated energy of God? I don’t know about you, but I pray that this will be true in my life today and always.

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