The Restorer: I Just Couldn’t Put it Down

Continuing on from where I left off in my last post, I’m talking about the expanded edition of The Restorer by Sharon Hinck, Book 1 in the Sword of Lyric series.

I’ve asked myself what exactly was it about this book that captured my attention the first time I read it? I remember receiving my first copy in the mail, then sitting down after dinner to read for a bit, except I never got up again until I had finished the book. Something about the combination of spiritual faith, of watching the struggles of a worn-out mom as she fought through battles with an awesome sword, snagged me and wouldn’t let go. True be told, I think I wished I was the one with the awesome sword fighting fierce enemies. But since I wasn’t, the next best thing was to live the experience through the eyes of the main character, Susan.

You see, Susan was worn out by life and mired in depression. She only wanted to get away with God, to bask in his presence, to find comfort in the scriptures. Those two sentences pretty much describe where I was at that time in my life and it was comforting to know I wasn’t alone, that someone else understood.

Anyway, moving on. When Susan crept away to her attic for some quiet time, she found so much more. While investigating a noise in the back of the attic, she finds herself dropped into an unfamiliar place filled with technology she didn’t understand and people she didn’t know. Everything she held dear was gone.

As Susan walked on, she began to learn things, to realize that certain things can strengthen us, bring us closer to God, and help us to walk more faithfully in his will for our lives. Through music, oral tradition, and recalling verses memorized long before, Susan finds strength to get through impossible situations, to fight in and win battles she never could have before. And not just that, she learned that God had called her, in all of her weakness, to be the one to lead a beleaguered people to victory, fighting against political corruption as well as against enemies on the battlefield with the sword of a Restorer.

The Restorer — one who will lead the people back to the verses.

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Sharon helped me realize through the pages of her book that I’m not the only one worn out by life. Yeah, I’d heard that before, but it’s another thing to see a character pulled through a situation in which you find yourself, in dramatic ways that you wish could be you. You see, while Susan got to fight her battles with a blade, she also learned to fight with her mind — and that is something we all can do.

Ok, so that’s my womanly take on the book.

At the same time, I’ve heard men say that they too enjoyed the book with all of its action scenes and battles. (I know I’m repeating myself here, but sword battles are so cool!) Intrigue, corruption, ambushes, death, mayhem, enchantments and deliverance. What’s not to like?

If you haven’t read The Restorer, you need to. And if you have read the book, you should get the expanded version and read it again. Sharon didn’t ask me to say that. I just believe so much in the encouragement this book has to offer — and, yes, entertain — that I wish I could get a copy for everyone. You owe it to yourself to check it out. And soon. Book 2 hits the shelves in just a couple of weeks and if you’ve read Book 1, I’m sure you’ll want the sequel.

Soon after I read The Restorer the first time, I helped organize a local book club. Want to know what our first selection was? Yep, you guessed it. After we read it and finished our discussions, several of the ladies in our group went on to finish the next two books in the series. Some of those said that Book 2 was their favorite of the three. (In a couple of weeks, I’ll be bringing you a post about Book 2, so stay tuned.)

This post has grown a bit longer than I intended and I now find myself out of room — and I still haven’t introduced the author to you. Don’t worry, I’ll put up another post tomorrow to do just that. Meanwhile, I would love to hear your feedback, especially if you’ve read The Restorer. I want to know what you thought. Just leave me a note via the blue link below or you can click on the comment bubble at the upper right corner of this post.

See you tomorrow!

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