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Ghosts, a cursed tree, a minister questioning his faith, a boy resurrected from the dead and a confused but humble healer–all of these are key elements found in Mike Duran’s debut novel, The Resurrection.

In the pages of this book, the author has created a tale of supernatural suspense built around themes of reconciliation, the pursuit of truth and redemption. Here is a spoiler-free summary of these themes:

Reconciliation: What happens when a minister  questions his faith to the point of walking away from it entirely? When he has no desire to be reconciled to his God? This is exactly what happens to Reverend Ian Clark, a seminary graduate who struggles with his own personal demons to the point of standing on the verge of resigning from the ministry and walking away from his church. There are only two ways out of his prison: walk away from his dreams or find answers that will restore them.

Reconciliation of God to man is a principle that goes down deep into the very core of mankind. There comes a time in nearly every person’s life that we question who we are, why we are here, and what we believe. As in the case of Ian Clark, those questions can often lead a person away from God. It is only when we turn our attention back to the one who created us that we can find answers to those questions. Only by allowing God to reconcile our relationship with him can we find our true purpose and the meaning of our lives.

Pursuit of Truth: The two main characters in The Resurrection are each searching for answers. While Reverend Clark is looking for meaning in his life, Ruby Case (who has raised a boy from the dead with only a touch and a prayer) wants to know why–Why was she chosen to be the miracle-worker? Why does this miracle have such spiritual implications for the town she lives in and what exactly are those implications?

Both Ruby and Ian are broken people–Ruby broken in body and Ian broken in spirit. It is hard for us as a human race to understand why we have to face brokenness. And yet, it is the same brokenness that can bring us closer to God as we learn how weak we are, we have the opportunity to discover exactly how strong God is. Only he can heal true brokenness.

Redemption: Jake Case–a man embittered toward God–desperately needs redemption. Of course, he thinks he’s fine but as we look at him through the eyes of Ruby, his wife, we see how much he needs to return to God. How much he needs to return to forgiving ways. Only as he forgives others will God forgive him.

The Resurrection also contains another story of redemption–that of the town of Rivermeer itself. Many years before, something cracked the spiritual bonds holding the town together. When Ruby brings back a boy from the dead, it starts a chain of events that puts all of the town’s inhabitants in jeopardy. Called a witch by some and a godsend by others, Ruby becomes confused, but determined to find out what forces are at play that are keeping the town in spiritual darkness. If she can crack that secret, hopefully the spirit of the town can be redeemed.

The theme of redemption is as old as man himself. God created us knowing we would need redemption. It is impossible for us as humans to keep ourselves pure enough to obviate that need. All to often, however, like Jake we forget that redemption can only come to us as we humble ourselves before God.

As such, I believe redemption to be the key theme that holds the book together, for it is redemption that ultimately holds us in the palm of God’s hand, complete and whole, reconciled to him.

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