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The Strange Man is written in the traditional of the classic, black and white horror movies of years gone by. In fact, I’ve never read quite anything like it before because in addition, this book also includes a strong Biblical message of forgiveness and redemption.

In The Strange Man, Jeff and Dras Weldon are the quintessential brothers in the parable that Christ told of the prodigal son–Jeff the older son and Dras the younger. One thing the Biblical story lacks is The Strange Man, an ages-old demon, who is most likely, Satan himself.

In the true fashion of a typical rebellious young man, Dras doesn’t want to hear the truth. He doesn’t want to be held accountable, preferring instead to live in an alcohol-induced haze of parties and fun, unaware that he is being targeted by the bogeyman. Yes, you heard it right, the bogeyman.

We’ve all heard the stories. “You’d better be nice or the bogeyman will come and get you.” In the world that author Greg Mitchell has built, however, the bogeyman is real. And that, my friends, is closer to the truth than not.

In America, we rarely see the dark physicality of the spiritual realm, but it is not that way in much of the world. Satan exists. He is real and he wants your soul. While I have lived a fairly sheltered life, I have seen enough to know this is indeed the truth. I have seen things happen that cannot be explained any other way than as a physical manifestation of demonic powers. Need I say that Halloween has never been fun for me? It’s too close to the real world.

In fact, this is one thing that attracts me to science fiction and fantasy. To me, the real world is the world we cannot see. A world of angels and demons, spirits and souls. An eternal world God created us to inhabit. As C.S. Lewis alluded to, God created the deep magic, which the enemy imitates on a much lesser scale.

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