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csff_flat_190It’s now the third and final day of this month’s Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour, which features Donita K. Paul’s new book, The Vanishing Sculptor.

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about the author. I had the privilege of meeting Mrs. Paul on the Motiv8 Book Tour in October 2008. What a wonderful and charming lady!


Mrs. Paul, a former school teacher, found herself bored when she retired early, thus leading her to begin again with a new career writing Christian Romance and Fantasy novels. I understand her DragonKeeper books have now sold more than 300,000 copies! I know my kids and I have read all five of them and they are simply wonderful. And yet, she has not completely left behind her teaching skills. She has built quite a reputation mentoring teenagers and leading weekly adult writing workshops–a reputation that, I might add, brought her this year’s Mentor of the Year Award from the American Christian Fiction Writers’ guild. Congratulations, Mrs. Paul!

From the looks of her website (and her interaction with my daughter and her friend who made her a couple of little clay dragons), Mrs. Paul loves her fans and makes them all feel welcome.

Another of my favorite little things Mrs. Paul has accomplished is she was instrumental in establishing a national Appreciate A Dragon Day and, best of all, it falls on my birthday (January 16)! Now there’s a holiday I don’t mind sharing my birthday with.

Last but not least, Mrs. Paul is sponsoring a contest with the goal to get the DragonKeeper Chronicles and The Vanishing Sculptor into as many libraries as possible. The winner will receive a prize package of books from Waterbrook Press. The contest ends soon, so you’d better hurry if you want to enter. Details are here:

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For more info on The Vanishing Sculptor, see:

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