Top 5 Reasons to be Glad It’s Morning 2

Mornings…some come easy, some come stomping in petulant and grumpy. This is one of those in-between mornings. Not grumpy but definitely not chipper.

I recently recently received this cup for my birthday.

Gotta love Eeyore. He's just so "human."

Gotta love Eeyore. He’s just so “human.”

Eeyore has always been one of my favorite Pooh characters. Not sure what that says about my personality, but he’s just so darn cute. Anyway, that got me to thinking. I definitely don’t want to be one of those people who complain all the time. Time to turn this morning on its head. No better way to do that than to list the reasons why it’s a good morning.

1. I woke up, therefore I’m alive. I’m glad I could wake up and stand on my own two feet!

2. It’s beautiful the way the dew shines on the grass at the park across the street. You won’t see this sight at any other time of day.

3. It’s quiet. No big intrusions into the day yet. As they say, “the calm before the storm.”

4. I get to go to work. Thank God for providing me a job to help support the family. May I never take it for granted or disrespect His gift to me.

5. It’s a new day, a chance to wipe the slate and start over. Dig out that check list and mark at least one thing off that I accomplished today. Then when I look back at the end of the day, I can smile in contentment.

On that note, keeping organized has always been a challenge for me.

Yes, I could use a little organization to whip this office into shape!

Yes, I could use a little organization to whip this office into shape!

I just found the Spark Notebook, a new planner that last year completed a Kickstarter campaign. I ordered a copy and am excited to be making this a part of my day. I’m just getting my plan in motion and I love the way it allows me to outline my mission statement, year’s goals, month’s goals, and weekly plan.

It’s a new day, a new plan. Thank you, God for mornings!

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