Trussoni Mixes History, Bible and Myth in “Angelopolis”

AngelopolisPlace mythology, Bible stories and alternative history in a pot, give it a good shake and what comes out? For Danielle Trussoni, it was her novel Angelopolis. Trussoni takes a healthy dose of liberties with each ingredient, thus spinning her own version of history in such a way that it keeps the reader wondering what’s going to happen next.

That might sound like a sound byte I copied from the publisher but it’s not. That’s truly how it was for me. Danielle Trussoni is a wonderfully talented author and her prose dips deep into history — it is obvious she has done her homework. I can only describe her book as a literary, historical, fantasy thriller.

Some might raise their eyebrows at Trussoni’s treatment of certain aspects of biblical history — such as Christ’s origin. Maybe it’s the fantasy geek in me, but to me, I know this is fiction. I know Jesus Christ was the son of God and that’s where my faith lies. When it comes to Angelopolis, the book may have diverged from standard theology, but is still a wild ride through an alternate history that I know never could have been.

Here’s the official blurb:

Angelopolis leads readers from Paris to St. Petersburg, Russia, and deep into the provinces of Siberia and the Black Sea coast. Underground prisons, Edenic gardens full of rejuvenating herbs, and the hidden corridors of the Winter Palace form a mesmerizing backdrop for a high-octane tale of abduction, treasure-seeking, and divine warfare. Featuring real historical figures such as English Renaissance magician John Dee and the equally mystifying Grigori Rasputin, as well as the cultish allure of the House of Fabergé’s wondrously crafted eggs, the true story of Evangeline’s origins will be cracked open.

Angelopolis is the sequel to Angelology, which I loved and reviewed here. (Please note that the contest mentioned at that link is closed.) We are told there’s a third volume coming to wrap up the series. Should be fun.

Sometimes I post here about books that I found to be fun reading. If I didn’t like it, you won’t find it here. That said, I want to thank Viking for sending me a copy of the book for review purposes. You can find more info about Danielle Trussoni and her books here:

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