What is Noir Sci-Fi Detective Fiction? 2

Immaterial Evidence cover - SidebarThe first time I heard the term noir sci-fi detective I thought, “What in the world is that?” Now that I’ve found a good example, it makes perfect sense to me. Noir sci-fi I know — dark, brooding, kind of a 1940s-ish feeling with elements of future technology woven in. Throw in a 1940s private detective and you’re there.

The best example I can think of is Milo Fowler‘s new novella, Immaterial Evidence. Being a shorter piece it’s a quick read, but even better, it’s engaging. I had so much fun reading Immaterial Evidence. In the end, the story came to a satisfying conclusion, but nonetheless, I had become so involved with the main character (Detective Charlie Madison) I was sad when it ended.

I decided a while back that it is a conflict of interest for me to offer across-the-board reviews so instead I prefer to post recommendations — books that I think you might enjoy. As such, I recommend Milo Fowler. I look forward to keeping my eye on his future works.

Now I’m just waiting for the next Charlie Madison story, which Milo assures me is coming soon.

Note that Immaterial Evidence is available in e-book form on Amazon for $2.99. You can find it here: Immaterial Evidence by Milo Fowler.

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2 thoughts on “What is Noir Sci-Fi Detective Fiction?

  • Milo James Fowler

    Thanks for the signal boost, Dona! Last I heard, the prequel (my first Charlie Madison story that was supposed to be published last year) should be out this fall in the Girl Trouble anthology. We shall see…

    Have you thought about trying your hand at some future noir? It’s a whole lot of fun.